Bribery in a variety of forms is an integral part of Sri Lankan

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Don’t we all know that Bribery in a variety of forms is an integral part of Sri Lankan relations with most of their ‘supporters’ in the international arena. Its foreign relations sans bribery is practically non-extant. Naturally, the beneficiaries cum adversaries do not talk about it as it would be an un-flattering  commentary on themselves. How or why do you think that we hear glowing comments from visiting political ‘ dignitaries’ regarding superlative post war reconciliation, development and reconstruction efforts in the North and East whereas all foreign resources are channelled  to benefit the encroachers and not the affected Tamil population? What is worse, India too joins the fray to maintain the fassad.

This reminds me of a joke I came across recently: An Air Line is said to have offered free Tickets to some holiday destination to the spouses of so many Corporate high ups. After the dust has settled the Air Line PR people contacted the wives of those who took advantage of the offer to ask them as to how they enjoyed the trip.  The wives, without exception, were   confused and demanded “What Trip?”. Yes, Eelam Tamils should ask India : “What development, what reconstruction ?”

The individual freedom bought by those errant foreigners is nothing compared to what the Rajapakses ‘buy’ , bribing with tax payers’ money to ward off indictment of the Hambantota gang,  guilty of crimes of all descriptions, not excluding Tamil Genocide.

Of course, we all share your consternation. The  blessing, If our goal be elusive, is that we need not put up with such an uncouth  neighbour!