To Dr.Paul Newman

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Do not waste your time trying to convince the Singhala intellectual. Being on the wrong side of justice they have a harder time ‘fishing ‘for evidence in support of their difficult position. The Paranavithanas did try with archaeological ‘evidence’ interpreted with lopsided logic to support the Singhala contention that the North had been Singhala territory or some such thing. There is no need to go that far back. India and Sri Lanka have accepted as recently as 1987 that the Northern and Eastern provinces are traditional Tamil territories. Where is the need to go back hundreds and thousands of years to establish ownership?

You only verify title of the current owner when negotiating a simple real estate deal. Of course, the SLG is squatting on Tamil Territory and attempting to forge title and claim encumberance. This is a different matter. We all know how the Courts settle matters of this nature. The squatter should leave empty handed. But then, the courts are manned by  judges who dare not dispense justice lest they do not see the next sun rise!. Here is the problem.