Operating with two sets of books!

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Gleaning information from various sources it becomes clear that Mahinda Rajapakse and Co. are maintaining  duplicitous records , one for the consumption of the outside world ( the presidential web site, for instance ) and the other, local records, for perusal of only those delivering on behalf of the Clan. If  an army camp is moved from point A to point B, the presidential web site will carry just that part of the army camp being moved out and not about it moving to another site well within the North. This is how the ‘news’ is manipulated for international consumption.

Another example : 50,000 houses being built for the IDPs, funded by the co-conspirators of Tamil  Genocide, is for international consumption whilst the truth of these houses being assigned to Singhala colonists is privileged information effectively screened from the public domain. Well, is it not a fact that such diabolic matters have a way of seeping out?  The telling factor is that the donor, India, is not bothered to monitor the ‘progress’ made on the project, funded from Indian tax payers’ money! India is least interested in ensuring that the housing help reaches the intended beneficiaries. Knowing fully well as to what is happening,  India keeps mum, reminding us of the Tamil saying “ Maamiyar selai naluvinaal marumaganin nilai pola”- Rajapakse is the maamiyar and India the marumagan !. Yes, India dares not embarrass, asking questions as the Rajapakses are armed to the teeth with material for black mail and Sonia and crowd would not take any risks; and is India interested in really helping the affected Tamil population? Not at all, though Sonia is “very much concerned about the plight of the Tamils in the Island”, as expressed with a sad face an year or two ago when she happened to meet the Diaspora Tamils in the UK; such histrionics seem part and parcel of diplomacy, the politician’s art of tiding over a situation, unscathed.


Some , like Jehan Perera, are wondering aloud as to why the Government has not heeded recommendations of the LLRC with respect to removal of the army from the north, an important element of the  much touted ‘reconciliation’ process. Well, Jehan Perera, of all people, should know that the LLRC had quite a different purpose to fulfil and it is not   finding ways and means for the Government to get reconciled with the Tamil people. Has this Government ever listened to, let alone act on, recommendations of any of its Commissions.  It is indeed boring to be repeating this trait of this Government.

Why is this Government, having said that they have eradicated the insurgency with the total annihilation of the LTTE, maintaining such an army presence in the North? The obvious reason is, of course, the  intended statement that Tamils should remain subservient to the Singhalese and what better way to have this impressed upon the Tamil population than maintaining  the army on a one to three ratio. The second reason is the socio-economic aspect of retrenchment of the superfluous army.   So, instead of sending them home and compensating with some sort of a pension for life, keeping them to swell their numbers in the North is the second best thing to do and lo and behold their activities are inter-woven with civilian life to the extent of depriving livelihoods of the average Tamil.

Some sort of rationale should be ‘invented ’ for international consumption and that is the ‘ bogy’ of resurrection of the LTTE in the North, despite the total absence of any evidence thereto, four years post conflict.  And who, except Amnesty International and some such, are questioning veracity; and is this Government wont to listen to anybody? It is everybody’s hope that it is forced to listen with appropriate moves of the international community sooner than later.