From the Review of Mr.Ramani Ramakrishna in the 2003 Spring Issue of his Quarterly magazine, the “Kala”, published in Toronto, Canada:

…..The recordings are well produced( in a studio in Chennai, India) and sufficient thought has been paid in the krithi selections. All of the pieces are well suited to the sonorous timbre of the wooden Flute. Each Instrument is distinctively audible in these recordings and as such, the artistry of the accompanying instruments is clearly palpable. All the salient points a listener looks for in Indian Classical music are evident in Sridas’ playing. The fundamental de riqueur of this music is Shruthi Shuddam. Sridas has clean Shruthis and is able to sustain throughout the 16 pieces. Such consistency accentuated the listening pleasure. The Swara prasthara is equally crisp and to the point.

“…..Sridas proves that his Vidwat(knowledge) is strongly rooted in the classical tradition ……. The recordings are enjoyable. A well-played Flute is an immense joy as it invokes the sentiments of Krishna sporting with his Gopis.


Professor V.Subramaniyam of Ottawa, Canada has this to say about the twin Flute CD’s released by Mr.Sridas in December 2002:

…..The Flute is now played with all Gmakas very much like a Veena or Violin and Sridas plays it much on the line of Dr.Ramani. His choice of krithis seems to be dictated more from the style of a vocal concert with aThiyagaraja compositions dominating. The standard format is adopted of elaborationg the Raga first followed by playing the kriti with Kalpana Swaras. The CD recording is technically and aesthetically of very high caliber and Sridas deserves our hearty congratulations for making two first class items in Carntic music. Both are a pleasure to listen and savor. One may add another compliment. Instrumentalists in general do not pay as musch attention to the overall structure of a music composition, as they simply follow the Raga base and Tala outline. Sridas is far more meticulous than most Instrumemtalists with regard to the structuere of compositions …….

“…..Sri Lankan Tmils settled all over the world have chosen to make Canatic music and Bharatanatyam an important part of their cultural identity. These two CD’S reinforce that. He was elevated to the Super Grade both in Flute and Veena in Sri Lanka radio. These two CD’s were released recently in Canada where Sridas has made his hom

Indira Narasimhan, a Rasika from Chennai, commenting on the twin CDs “Murali Manoharam” and “Veinguzhal Vasantham”

…..Excellent performance and you have brought out the entire intricacies and blends of my favourite Raagas Kaapi, Sindhu Bhairavi and Malayamaarutham……Tremendous effort and perseverence has propelled you to this level of achievement……